The artist with Presidential Suite. 2016.


Caitlin Goebel was born in 1989 in Long Beach, California. Her over-the-top, Kitsch-inspired work explores capitalism and consumption, simulacra and simulation, meta-reality and reality, magic and manipulation, and intimacy and wonder. Utilizing fluorescent, metallic, glowing, and glittering materials, Goebel creates paintings and collages both inspired by and composed of 20th and 21st Century ephemera such as disposable tablecloths, fast-food advertisements, and pornography.

Her work has been featured nationally in group exhibitions, including Juicy at The Front in New Orleans (2017), Gone Soft at Pehrspace in Los Angeles (2016), and Bright Young Things at Gallery of Contemporary Art in Colorado Springs (2015). Her solo exhibitions include Missing the Point at AHA Gallery in Colorado Springs (2016), Correcting/ed Objects at the Heller Center for the Arts and Humanities at University of Colorado Colorado Springs (2015), and Horror Vacui at The Modbo in Colorado Springs (2013). She was co-owner and curator of Rubbish Gallery in Colorado Springs and founder and curator of CLOSED Gallery in Denver. Her most recent curatorial project, Cybercy: Exploring the Post-Internet Matrix, opens May 2017 at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Colorado Springs.

Goebel is currently pursuing a degree in Visual and Performing Art with a triple emphasis in Visual Art, Art History, and Gallery Management at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.