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July 20, 2016- Colorado Springs Independent

Caitlin Goebel 'misses the point' of porn at new AHA Gallery exhibit By Griffin Swartzell

"For her newest exhibit, Caitlin Goebel used as source material a second-hand, vintage French pornographic magazine from a grimy old smut hut. Immediate revulsion aside — hers and my own — she was drawn by the bright colors and textures in the photos..."

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September 4, 2013 - Colorado Springs Independent

Caitlin Goebel goes glitzy, shiny, 'campy' and 'trashy' at the Modbo : Sparkle plenty By Bret Wright

"Caitlin Goebel likes the effect of glitter, but not for the reasons you might expect. "When you put it on a surface, you're putting millions of surfaces on another surface, in layers, and it reflects because of all those millions of surfaces..."